Skilled Nursing Care at Home

If you are seriously ill or recovering from a surgery at home, your doctor may require you to receive certain treatments that should only be performed by a licensed nurse.

We will arrange for a skilled nurse to visit you to dispense medicine, provide wound care, change or clean catheters or intravenous lines, clip toenails, and provide other care that is generally more invasive. These nurses are trained and experienced at practicing in home settings, and will make detailed notes in your chart for the benefit of your entire health care team and family.

Our nurses are also here to step in when family members are asked to provide basic care at home, but may not feel confident or comfortable doing so. In some cases, they can provide treatment that otherwise might require you to travel to a doctor’s office or clinic.

We’ll help you learn your options during our consultation. It’s always best to talk with your doctor about when it’s appropriate for you.

Call us to request hourly assistance or a customized Health Hub package to meet your needs. 877-5-PROACTIVE (877-577-6228)​