Respite Care – Relief for Caregivers

Caring for a spouse or family member with a serious illness can take a toll on the family caregivers who absorb the pressure both physically and emotionally. The stress, the worry, the lack of personal time, and the physical demands are hard to sustain for too long. At some point you’ve earned a break.

Maybe you want to take that trip you’d already planned months before. Or you simply want to go out to dinner. We understand the importance of supporting yourself—to keep up your own energy and spirit.

Our caregivers can step in for a few hours, a weekend, or as long as you need to care for your loved one, to give you time to tend to your personal affairs or simply recharge. We’ll treat your loved one like family.

Call us to request hourly assistance or a customized Health Hub package to meet your needs. 877-5-PROACTIVE (877-577-6228)​