Personal Care at Home

ProActive’s caregivers are trained to provide supportive daily care to you or your loved one. Services include:

Bathing and showering: We’ll help you maintain good hygiene with a focus on preventing falls or accidents. If you desire, we can also bring in an occupational therapist to assess the safety of your shower or bath and recommend improvements.

Toileting: We can help you use the bathroom and support you to maintain continence through daily routines.

Dental care: As we grow older, risks grow for certain oral conditions because of the medications we take or heath treatments we’re receiving. These are in addition to the usual culprits of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, some physical conditions like arthritis may make brushing or flossing difficult.

Morning and evening routines: Providing a little help in the morning or at the end of the day makes a big difference in a person’s mood and outlook. It’s also safer to have someone aid you at night when people tire and become more accident-prone. We can help you move to or from bed, get your coffee or tea going, remind you to take your medications, and help you prepare for your day’s activities.

Dressing: We’ll help you get dressed, iron your clothes, comb your hair, and help you with your makeup. Buttons and zippers often become more difficult to manipulate as we age.

Call us to request hourly assistance or a customized Health Hub package to meet your needs. 877-5-PROACTIVE (877-577-6228)​