Companion Care at Home

Sometimes it may not be safe or healthy for you to spend long periods of time alone, especially if you are elderly, disabled, or living with a chronic medical condition. One of our caregivers can stop by to spend time with you and make sure you are staying healthy, eating and feeling well, always treating you with respect and dignity. Here’s how we can support you:

Transportation, errands and social outings: We’ll take you to doctors’ appointments, the hair salon, shopping for clothes, to a movie you want to see, or your place of worship, plus those important events you don’t want to miss. Let us also pick up your groceries and dry cleaning.

Meals: We can help you with meal planning, food preparation, feeding assistance, and clean up.

Medication reminders: Our caregivers can remind you to take your medicine, fill prescriptions, and keep your medication list current.

Light housekeeping and laundry: Look no further for help organizing and tidying rooms, vacuuming, removing trash, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, laundry and ironing, and changing linens.

Personal care:

Organizing mail and paperwork: We’ll help you stay abreast of your mail and keep paperwork organized.

Exercise and recreation: We’ll accompany you in light exercise and help plan the social activities that you enjoy. Fresh air and walks outside keep us connected to life’s seasonal rhythms and do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

24-hour care: ProActive can create rotating shifts of caregivers to provide round-the-clock care if needed.

Live-in services: If you wish, we can also arrange for caregivers to live in your home to provide ongoing, compassionate support and companionship.

Call us to request hourly assistance or a customized Health Hub package to meet your needs. 877-5-PROACTIVE (877-577-6228)​