Care Management for Seniors and Patients in Transition

While being proactive is always ideal, most families wait to seek home care until a relative has a bad health incident or is in crisis. Whatever the stage, our team assesses your situation and helps you determine the right care and support for the short and long term.

Our experienced care managers can coordinate your discharge from the hospital, help families identify community resources to support your care plan, schedule medical appointments, and organize household chores.

We’ll stay in regular contact with your medical team and family, so everybody knows the care plan.

People’s needs change over time, so we can also can consult with you about future requirements you may have as you age, such as a different level of care. We’ll give you a non-biased assessment and options for where and how to live comfortably and safely.

Call us to request hourly assistance or a customized Health Hub package to meet your needs. 877-5-PROACTIVE (877-577-6228)​